Composting 101

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You see this can full of food scraps and black dirt, folks? Well, don’t let it fool ya. This right here is BLACK GOLD.

I take what would otherwise go into the garbage, taking up garbage space and requiring more trash bags to accommodate, and make it into beautiful dirt for my garden.

Since I like to cook from scratch, I always have a lot of food scraps. Since I drink coffee like a Gilmore girl, I also have a lot of those coffee grounds. So here’s what I do…



I have a separate little garbage can under my coffee maker where I dump the grounds. I also have a small stoneware crock with a lid that sits on my kitchen counter. This is where I dump my leftover egg shells, herb stems, etc. When these are full, I just take them outside and dump into a large garbage can with a lid right outside my back doorstep.


The following are some ideas of what should go into your compost pile:

  1. coffee and tea grounds
  2. vegetable scraps such as carrots, squash, celery, herbs, etc.
  3. eggshells
  4. leaves
  5. untreated wood chips

There are a few items that are NOT good to compost:

  1. meat, fish, and eggs
  2. grease or oil
  3. bones
  4. dairy products
  5. plastic or Styrofoam packaging
  6. cat litter
  7. citrus peels
  8. large sticks or branches

It try to keep a ratio of about 1 to 1 of edible materials to leaves/twigs/wood chips. This keeps the bin from stinking or overheating.

If you want to put some red worms in there to loosen up the soil and help break things down, that also works great!

Now, put a set of bungee straps across the lid and strap it down. Turn the garbage can on its side and roll it around the yard! It can actually be fun! This helps to break things down and speeds up the process.



So, you think you want to try composting? Let me know in the comments below! And please share this post on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.




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