Drying Herbs

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Right now I have a boatload of herbs growing in my garden. They look so pretty and full in their planter pots. I love a full planter pot, how about you? I’ve been snipping a little here and there when I need some for a dish. But here’s the downside, most of them will flower if I don’t cut them. When they flower, that’s it. No more herbs for me. I’ll have to start all over again, and I certainly don’t want that. While yes, the annual herbs will have to be planted again next year, I want to keep them growing as long as I can.

Chopping off the tops and drying them seems the right path. But how do I do that? Well…you can take the slow route, or the quick route. One way is to hang them to dry. My husband and I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on that and decided, nah! Maybe later!

Then we found what we’d been looking for…drying herbs in the microwave! It seemed a good solution, so here we go.


I snipped my herbs and then pulled off their leaves. I dried one type of herb at a time so there would be consistency. Place the herbs in a single layer on a paper towel in the microwave. The paper towel will absorb the moisture coming from the herbs. Otherwise, we found it takes longer to perform this process. Microwave on high in thirty second increments until herbs are crispy and dry. You may have to throw out any burned leaves. It took us a total of about one minute and forty five seconds for each set of leaves.

Then we stored them in some cute mason jars for later. Remember, if you see condensation on your jars in the next couple of days, the herbs are not fully dried and will mold. Take them out and nuke them a few more seconds if this is the case.

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